September Release: Audit Logs, Action Manager, plus a new Workflow view

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September Major Release

In our September 7th release we brought another major update to Catalytic. For this release, we have a number of highly requested features for admins and teams:

  • Flowchart View, making it much easier to visualize and troubleshoot workflows
  • Action & Integration Manager, a new suite of controls for admins to manage their team’s actions
  • New Audit Logs, supercharging team reporting and audit capabilities

Additionally, due to required security updates, this release includes two changes that may impact some of your Workflows if they use the Text: Find dates and date times or Email actions. Read the full announcement below.

View your Workflow as a Flowchart

In an earlier announcement, we introduced the new Flowchart View. Flowchart View is a handy and intuitive way to visualize your Workflow’s steps. This new view lets you quickly visualize Workflows, laid out like a flowchart, based on each step’s conditions and dependencies.

You can access the Flowchart View today from the top right corner of Workflow Builder, next to the field sidebar. To learn more, check out our special announcement.

Enable and Disable Features with the Action & Integration Manager

When talking with users, we found teams and admins needed more control over the actions and integrations on their team. With the new Action & Integration Manager, admins can quickly review, enable, and disable different actions and integrations. Admins can control whether features are enabled team-wide, by group, and even user by user. When disabled, actions and integrations are hidden and can’t be added to new Workflows.

Admins can access the Action & Integration Manager today from the Admin Team Center. For quick one off changes, you can also change each action’s status from the Discover Action page on the Manage tab.

To support our team admins, all future actions and integrations released will be disabled by default. This means admins have full control over which actions or integrations appear on their team.

Review All Activity with Audit Logs

Every day, our users are building new Workflows, completing tasks, working in tables, and more. With all this activity, we know Catalytic admins need more fine-grained visibility into the changes and actions taken on their team. With the new Audit Logs page, admins now have a complete audit trail of user and team activity.

Admins can access their team Audit Logs today from the Admin Team Center. From there, you can filter by start and end date, user, IP Address, event type, and more. You can even export the logs to CSV, or access them through the Audit Logs API.

Use Audit Logs to see user activity like edits to Workflows and Tables, changes to team settings, actions users perform on instances, and more.

Other updates

In addition to these selected updates, here are a few more exciting improvements to announce:

  • You can now create an empty Data Table in the UI without a file upload.
  • We added 2 new Application Tables for Instances Started per Workflow per Day and Tasks Completed per Workflow per Day.
  • We added new controls for Web form permissions, and you can now restrict webforms to specific users or groups.

This is just a small look at the most exciting changes in this release. But this update includes even more features, fixes, and improvements not listed here. Check our status page for the full September release notes.

Breaking Changes

Due to required security updates, we will be implementing two changes that may impact some of your workflows. The potential breaking changes are in the following actions:

Text: Find dates and date times
In previous versions of this action, certain relative dates (tomorrow, yesterday), were parsed incorrectly. The version upgrade now reflects correct behavior, however, this change may impact your current workflows, depending on your configurations.

The format of the plain text version of emails may change and will now include more new lines.

We recommend you test your existing workflows that utilize these actions.