How to create dynamic dropdown based on Excel Column?

Need to read a column from Excel file accordingly, Dropdown multiple choices should be updated as same out of which user will select an appropriate option.


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    Hi @G_157249 - You can create a dynamic dropdown from Excel by following the steps below:

    1. Create a Catalytic Data Table from an Excel workbook using the 'Excel: Save spreadsheet to table' action.
    2. Convert the newly created Catalytic Data Table (from step 1) to text using the 'Tables: Convert data table to text' action and parameters:

    Row template:
    columns['Your Column Name']

    Row delimiter:

    Example Output field name:

    1. Reference the output from Step 2. in your Single Choice Choices form field using brackets.


  • What are the row limits for a long text field versus how many options we can put into a single choice or multiple choice field? Also, wouldn't it be ideal to have a dynamic list right when starting an instance?