Disable Submit Button - Intended to Disable all other Fields?


Hello! I was hoping to use a webform to provide instruction based on simple inputs by the user. This can be done entirely through adding conditions to Form Fields, so a workflow does not need to be triggered. However, when I disable to the submit button, it seems to make all other fields read-only as well. Is this how disabling the submit button is intended to function? Thanks in advance for your help.

Example: Link provided by admin in this post https://community.pushbot.com/discussion/comment/23#Comment_23

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  • Chuck_146211
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    Hi @Kelsey_459586,

    This is the intended function of web forms when the submit button is disabled. Think of this type of web form as a mini website used to display information, but not collect information.

    I'm not sure of your exact use case, but if you have pre-existing data (stored in a table or collected earlier in the workflow) you can utilize those fields for your conditions.

    For example, if you send an instructional web form to employees, you can reference an employee table and have different instruction fields displayed based on their department.


  • Kelsey_827704

    @Chuck_146211, thanks for your response. It's a bit difficult to describe the use case without getting super granular, but essentially, I wanted a mini website where you could use Single Choice and Multiple Choice fields to display links to resources relevant to your selections. Almost like a mini decision tree? You could have a workflow take that information and provide the end-user with the results via email, I suppose, but that would require more time/effort from the end-user than is probably necessary...

    I'll submit an Idea for consideration, though I have a feeling this is an edge case. Thanks!