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I've noticed that if I convert a file from a trigger attachment to a new table (or in any case where a table doesn't already exist), if I need to then filter the table (or look something up, etc) the columns are not available for me to configure. The only workaround I've found is to create a blank table with the same columns, etc, convert Excel to table, then copy the table to the existing blank table. Only then are the columns available for me to choose from.

What's really frustrating is that after the workflow is done, I need another blank table to wipe the existing table to be ready for the next instance. It just seems overly redundant.

Am I missing something? Is this expected behavior?


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  • Chuck_146211
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    Hi @Anna_272419,

    If the trigger attachment for this workflow has consistent column headers each time a new instance starts, you can reference these headers for your filter actions by manually typing their field reference names in {{column-name}} format.

    For example, If the attachment file always has columns 'Employee Name', 'Location', and 'Employee ID', you can type {{employee-name}}, {{location}}, {{employee-id}} when configuring the filter/lookup actions.

    You won't see these fields in the Field Picker before running an instance because the workflow has not yet read the trigger attachment file. After running the workflow once, you should be able to see these fields populate in the Picker.

    I hope this helps. Please let me know if you're still running into any issues after manually entering the references.