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I have a data table with a list of personnel. I am filtering it to Assign a task to selected people only.
1.) How can I make a field to assign task to those filtered ones? If I am gonna use the "convert data table to a text" action, are there any row delimiter that can be used?
2.) What I want is if one user already completed the task, it's already completed for all users. How can I do that?

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    Hi @Elaizah_617625,

    You can accomplish this by referencing the output field from the "Convert data table to text" step when selecting your input for the "Assigned to" option in the "Assign Task to a person" step of your workflow.

    When a task is assigned to multiple users, any of the assigned users can complete the task. Once one user completes the task, it’s completed for all users.

    Configuring the “Tables: Convert data table to text” step of the workflow

    • Reference only the column that contains the identifier info for the users (I use the Email column in my example). You can designate this in the “Row template” field when setting up this action.
    • Use a single comma in the “Row delimiter” field

    Configuring the “Assign Task to a person” step of the workflow

    • Click the drop-down menu in the “Assigned to” field to see a list of options. We want to find the output field from the “Tables: Convert data table to text” step. (This should be a Long Text field type).
    • If you are able to find and select the correct field, you should be all set!
    • If the field is not pre-populated in the drop-down list, we may have to utilize a quick workaround...