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My goal is to send a webform with a data table included. I'm trying to add three additional columns (2 of them being single choice) but each time the workflow runs, the trigger overwrites the data table and changes the field type to 'long text' rather than keeping the manually updated field type 'single choice.'
I need to be able to allow the customer to select a single choice when I send the data tables via email webform. I've tried the following approaches, but each time the type changes to 'long text.'
1. Manually add new columns to data table & manually update the fields in the data table
2. Add new columns in an excel template then save excel template as a data table
3. Action: Add new columns to data table - no option for single choice type
4. Action: Add rows to data table to try to only include the information in the columns that are needed without touching new columns types
5. Merge data tables together
6. Set field as a value with existing field
7. Set multiple choice field value
Any help would be appreciated!


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    Hi @Tanis_890808,

    I'd recommend configuring an Instance Field with your data table in order to use it as a template.

    Create a data table and set the column types from the data table level and they should stay consistent for you throughout the workflow.

    Let me know if this works or if you have found another way to accomplish this.