Best way to insert data table into PDF


I'd like to create PDF from Data Table. What is the best way for it?



  • Sean_510793
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    Hi Gyuho, it sounds like you have data inside a table (perhaps from an imported file or web form) and you want to generate a PDF from them. The following general pattern might be helpful:

    Get the desired data from the table.
    Depending on your specific use case, you can use a couple of different actions.

    Create the base document
    Use Word: Create a Word Document to create the base document. There's a walk-through document on help that covers creating a document with fields at

    Convert to PDF
    Once you have the base document, you can use the PDF: Create PDF document action to convert the base document to a PDF.

    Multiple PDFs at once (optional)
    If you are batching over multiple rows from a table, you can use the Tables: Start Workflow for Each Row action.

    Distribution and other actions (optional)
    Once you've created the PDF, there are a number of actions that can help with the distribution such as Send an Email.

    Hope this is helpful!

  • Gyuho_229280

    Dear Sean,
    Thanks for your help.
    Using Tables: Apply Filters I have a table. Then, I'd like to insert the table to Word directly.
    Could you please let me know how can I do?
    When I input as 'Insert a Field Reference' it shows as table ID.

  • Tom_944137
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    Hello, was there ever a resolution to this? I have the same question.

  • Jake_133997
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    Same question here. We have a datatable of variable length that needs to get inserted into a document that will be converted to PDF.

    Inputting a DataTable into word with column lookups works if you have a set number of rows in the DataTable, but won't work if the Datatable has a variable number of rows.

    Our workaround is to input the DataTable into an Excel template, have the user download the file, Print to PDF on their local machine, and then reupload the file.

    It'd be ideal if there was the ability to either A) insert a DataTable into a word template by handlebar reference, or b) convert XLS to PDF.

  • Alistair_213694

    We are also facing the same challenge: a table with dynamic length that we wish to insert into a word document.