Ability to copy fields and/or field conditions


When making a webform, we often need to create many similar fields. It would be great if we could copy and paste fields. Additionally, I have had to make webforms that react based on choices made within the webform. For example, if I select USA from a single-choice drop-down, only the questions that apply to USA will be visible. It would be great to be able to copy conditions from one field to many other fields, without having to manually create them for each field.

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  • Tom_944137

    I second this! This feature would be a huge time-saver for large web forms.

  • Jeff_182127

    Great idea @David_931366!! I'm going through a similar build where I have multiple similar webform fields. Having a feature like this would save me a lot of time. Very similar to copy/pasting Actions in a workflow.