Dynamic Drop-downs for Webforms - trigger and action

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For a webform, we should be able to populate a drop-down with a row from within a table. For example, if I have a table which contains all US states and the 2-digit ISO value for each state, we should be able to reference a table and column for the single-choice / multi-choice drop-down. The drop down would display the values from the selected column. When a value is chosen, the selection will also return the values from the other column(s). So if a user selects, "Florida", the returned values would include "Florida" as well as "FL".
To summarize:

  • Ability to populate a single-choice / multi-choice drop-down with values from a Catalytic table
  • Ability to use the selected value as a lookup for the other values in the selected record
  • Usable in a webform trigger and other webform actions
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