When I convert data table to markdown text & excel, how can I get the file field's download link?

Hello, dear team:
When I convert data table into markdown text or excel, the file fields of the data table will be converted into a file ID text instead of file's hyperlink.
However the text file ID is not sufficient for users to download the files, they have to manually type "https://bosch.pushbot.com/files/api/xxxxxxfile id xxxx/download" to download a single file.
Is it possible to generate the markdown text or excel value by the files' hyperlink (https://bosch.pushbot.com/files/api/xxxxxx file id xxxx/download) instead of only the file ID?
If you have other better suggestion, is also welcome!
Thank you.

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  • Sean_510793
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    Hi Ye, could you use Tables: Apply formulas to columns to create the target situation table by generating the string for the link? I am not able to test out but the formula would be something like:
    columns['Self book excel URL'] = 'https://bosch.pushbot.com/files/api/' + columns['Self book excel'] + '/download'
    The URL pattern is stable so you can take the file ID from the file object and use the pattern. If you want to be more flexible and are working across multiple teams, you can use a variable for the team name as well. But I think in this case, you'd be fine with leaving it static initially.