Remind mail from action "email: wait for reply" has no attachment anymore


Hello, dear team:
I use the action "email: wait for reply" to collect feedback from users in the organization.
Some of the users even have no internet access but able to external receive mails.
So I can't use email with web form, but to use email with an attachment file.
I need the users to check the file and correct some values then send back the updated file.

Now the problem is some users deleted the pushbot mail since they believe it is junk mail.
Then they will continue receive reminder mail from action "email: wait for reply", yet the reminder mail doesn't have the attachment!
See the picture:

Is this expected behavior?
What is the suggestion for me to improve such case?



  • Sean_510793
    Sean_510793 Posts: 69 admin

    Could you use a re-open task to resend the original email? I’ll check with the team on whether this should be considered a bug too.

  • Ye_939471
    Ye_939471 Posts: 61

    Hello, @Sean_510793
    Thank you, please check if reminder mail can get the file in attachment same as original mail.
    I am not sure how to use re-open task in this case, since deadline & reminder can send reminder mails 4 - 5 times.
    How can I trigger re open task according to deadline?
    If I use delay start by field "Deadline of the workflow", it can only re-open one time after the due date, am I right?

  • Sean_510793
    Sean_510793 Posts: 69 admin

    Hi Ye, we have just logged it as a bug to fix although we do not have a timeline currently.

    In the meantime (and perhaps a useful pattern in general), perhaps something like this would work:

    • Use the Send Email action with the email tracking option that will set a field fieldname--Email Opened when the email is opened by the recipient (unless you are blocking email tracking).
    • Use a Reopen Task with a delay start field and adding a condition, you can have the re-open task keep reopening the loop until the fieldname--Email Opened is met.

    That should create a loop that will send, wait, and reopen if not opened. Maybe it'd be prudent to add an incrementing number if the loop to make sure it doesn't run more than a certain number of times with a Field: Set Value of Decimal Field or a Field Formula, incrementing it each loop, and adding it to the condition.