Access issue to share no catalytic users the data table via data tabble field


Hello, dear team:
I want to use action "send web form via mail" to user without catalytic license. In the web form I added several data table fields.
However the result is unexpected, some data table fields are forbidden to the users, while some of them are not forbidden.
You can take reference from the picture:

As it is introduced in the support web site:
Data table field permissions
All data table fields respect any permission level set at the data table level. In other words, data table field permissions is set at the data table level and is never overwritten by the permission levels of any instances or process it is shown or used in. The field may just show “forbidden” if a user without access views it in a form.
If a user does not have permission to view a data table, any data table field that references the table will not be shown.

The users without catalytic license have no permission to the data tables, I checked they could not open the data tables (Error message: Unable to find user xxxxxx)
Question is why some of the data table fields in web form are shown to them?
I need to know if it is a good way to share data table via data table field to users without catalytic license.

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  • Brandon_189578
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    The first thing to check when encountering issues like this is the visibility of the table you are including on the webform. Granting access to the table from the webform does not remove existing restrictions (like if you had already restricted access to the table to only a select few users). It only expands access to web form users if the table is currently unrestricted within the team.

    Feel free to send me a direct message with the table IDs that work and don't work and I can verify this for you if you are unsure.



  • Ye_939471
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    Hello, dear Brandon:
    Finally I understand the principle.
    If the data table is created by me in "Data" via uploading Excel, the data table is unable to share to user out of catalytic.
    Then the data field who refers to the data table is "Forbidden" in web form to such users.

    If the data table is created by catalytic actions in workflow, the data table is able to share to user out of catalytic.
    Then the data field who refers to the data table is displayed in web form to such users.