How to calculate in data table with if

Hello Community,
I try to calculate in my data table to calculate with If.
In a defined column there should insert the result, so the value for the calculation is different there for I need If.
I hope you can help me!
I try to write it down:
Columns[5]= If (Columns[1]=TEXT1)
Else if (Columns[1]=TEXT2)

I want to realize it with the Action Apply Formula to Columns.

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  • Nick_118363
    Nick_118363 Posts: 11
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    Based on what you wrote out, I think the formula you're looking for is something like this:

    if (columns[1] === 'TEXT1') {
      columns[5] = columns[2] + '5'
    } else if (columns[1] === 'TEXT2') {
      columns[5] = columns[2] + '6'

    Hopefully this helps!