Webform- How to dynamically provide dropdown options?


I have a use case where we need to provide users only the options applicable to them when completing a webform. For example: a manager needs to only be able to select their associates from a dropdown list when completing a webform.

We already have a table with associates and their managers, so presumably some sort of filtering by the manager's ID could give us a list of available associates. But without having managers submit the webform, I don't know how it's possible to perform the filtering action. Ideally, this would be done in the same webform trigger.

Is this possible? How could we get this accomplished?

Thank you!


  • Greg_703914
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    I would also like to be able to do something very similar. Essentially I just want to look at a column in a table for dropdown menu options on a form. This table will have new rows added or deleted via a different process so it would be helpful if I could dynamically generate the dropdown options from a given column in a table.

  • Sean_510793
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    Currently, this is most easily accomplished via the Send a form action. With the send a form action, you can Set the value of the multiple choice field. I hope that provides you with a suitable option. We are definitely contemplating but do not have on the roadmap an option for a drop-down powered by a Table.

  • Chuck_146211
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    Hi @Anna_272419 & @Greg_703914,

    Here's another way you may be able to incorporate dynamic dropdown options for multiple/single choice fields.

    The concept behind it is to have all your dropdown choices in a table, filter that table according to which choices you'd like available for a user to pick from, then use the output of the filtered table as the Choice options in your field config.

    Here's a quick rundown of it.

    • Create a table with rows that represent the potential choice options.
    • Use the action "Tables: Apply Filters" on the choice options table to filter for the options you'd like to present to a user.
    • Convert this filtered table to text by using the action "Tables: Convert data table to text".
      ** Make sure you're using '\n' as the row delimiter so you get one choice per line in your output.

    • Use the output field from the Convert data table to text step and paste it as a field reference in the Choices config for your Single Choice field (screenshot below).

  • Greg_703914

    This is helpful, but wouldn't it be more ideal to have a dynamic dropdown option prior to the workflow starting? Also, what are the row limits for a long text field?