February minor release - column reference support, try integrations, easier to fix tasks, and more

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February Minor Release

Hi Catalytic customers and partners. Our February minor release is here. Take a look at what is new, improved, and fixed.

What's new?

  • Added column reference support to "Tables: Compare two tables" action

What's been improved?

  • Enabled the Try It tab for actions that use an integration

  • Update token picker styles
  • Allow creatable input when adding table columns

What's been fixed?

  • Updated task panel to allow linking to fix tasks

  • Updated builder to show the correct label for Long Text fields
  • Update date time format default parameters
  • Prevented a crash in Safari and iOS browsers when configuring an action with a column name input
  • Update columnName param to be correct type
  • Improved reliability of Excel actions
  • Prevented a crash when testing a step that references certain trigger fields
  • Prevented a crash when the user loses permissions to see a Workflow they had favorited
  • Added validation for tableID before attempted table creation
  • Removed files from input file list when a file is deleted
  • Removed contact link from webform footers
  • Improved date field and date and time field formatting using moment library