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we would like to use the Data Table in Webforms to gather data in a table format not via fields (line by line). Is there a possibility to reset the entries in Data Table in the Webform to ensure that it is for the following customer blank again? We need to avoid that a customer sees what the customer before him her has filled out.
Thank you!


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    Hi there Theis, hope you are well.
    Two options come to mind:

    1. If you use the Email: Send a form action to create and send the form, you could pair it with a Tables: Create an empty table to create an empty table for each form sent. This would definitely achieve your goal of preventing users form seeing each others entries as each unique web form will have a unique, empty table. (You could even use other actions to pre-populate the empty table, like with a specific header row or other data)
    2. On the other hand, If you still want to use a web form from a web form trigger, one option could be to "wipe" or "delete" the table entries after the form is submitted. For example, imagine the following situation: 1. A user opens the web form 2. Fills out the fields, 3. submits it 4. In your Workflow you add actions like Tables: Remove a Row to delete the data, or Tables: Apply formulas to columns to remove the data in the each column. 5. Another user visits the web form, at which point the data has already been deleted.

    Kindly let me know if either of these options will work for you. If not, I'd be happy to do some testing and see if there are other options I may have overlooked.

  • Hi,
    I came up with a solution similar to the one Max_346763 proposed. But instead of creating a new one within the workflow, I created a blank table with all the settings I needed, for example columns to upload files and then in the workflow I create a copy of this blank table. This way I ensure that it will always be blank for the user.
    I personally don't think is much user friendly but it works.

  • Thank you for the feedback @Matheus_721971 & @Max_346763
    What is your "look up column criteria" for the action "Tables: remove a row" if you want all entries to be eliminated?

  • Max_346763Max_346763 Posts: 22 admin

    Glad to hear this solution may work for you, and thanks for jumping in with your own ideas, @Matheus_721971! That's a great point.

    @Theis_171203 to quickly eliminate all rows, I like to use the following formula with the Tables: Apply formulas to columns action. There's a section in that article, "Apply formulas to all columns", which has a handy trick for deleting all entries in a table:

    var i = 1
    while (i<100) {
    columns[i] = X;
    i++; }

    This formula goes through each column, row by row, and changes the column values. You can change the X to any string you wish, and it will change each cell to that value. For example, to delete all cells, you could replace X to "", which would be an empty string. For example, the following formula should delete all cell values.

    var i = 1
    while (i<100) {
    columns[i] = "";
    i++; }

    Hope that formula works for you and moves your build forward!

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