How to setup data validation in excel column when transfer data via excel

now i have a problem about data validation.
I developed a pushbot using Catalytic to extract confirmation data from each responsible via excel file
and we want to setup data validation in excel confirmation column so then responsible can select options with rule instead of irregular answers.
but when the form data transfer from table to excel, all format will be removed, so how can i setup the validation when exporting excel?
more detail process for my case:
1.Prepare data list in excel
2.send out excel to each responsible to confirm(in this step we want to setup validation in excel and send out)
3.collect confirmation excel and check
4.summary to one excel

hope your answer, thank you very much


  • Sean_510793
    Sean_510793 Posts: 69 admin

    Hi @HUA_168450, I'm not clear on the how the confirmation column works relative to the formatting. Would it be possible to paste a screenshot of the workflow? Or perhaps to share what a row of the Excel sheet looks like?