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There is a use-case where I'm sending Email Web-form action item. If the user doesn't submit the web-form, reminder Email Web-form will be sent. But, if user submits both the forms(original and reminders), I'm having redundant information, which have been identified in testing.

So, my question is- How to disable the web-link of the original Email web-form before sending out the reminder Email web-form? I'm happy to hear other proposed solutions.

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    Hi @Rastogi_143874 ,
    Thank you for clarifying. If you are wanting to change both the subject and email body of the reminder email then you will definitely need 2 email actions. I have attached a workflow I put together to demonstrate an approach you could use here.

    In the workflow, an initial Email: Send a web form action takes place. Afterwards, I have a Field Formula that retrieves the ID of the webform sent and a second action that creates the webform link from the email step.

    I also have a second email action configured. This second email action is a normal Email: Send an email action instead of Email: Send a webform. In the second email, I use the field containing my webform link that will direct the user to the initial form that was sent so I prevent having 2 webforms total and all responses are on the initial form.

    Let me know if this helps and if you have any questions.


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    Hi @Rastogi_143874,
    Thank you for your question!

    An alternative approach for creating a reminder for your webform would use the Deadline feature. With a Deadline configured, the action will send reminder emails to the user that will direct them to the initial form and help prevent the duplicate information. I have included the help article for this feature below. Would this be an approach you could use in your case?

    Let me know if this helps and if you have any questions.

    Deadlines and Reminders

  • Hi @Kalin_126161 ,
    Thank you for the response. But, I'm changing the subject body while reminding the user. And while looking to the documentation, it seems that it changing the subject body is not possible. Is there anything other than this that can be done in this scenario?
    Thank you again!

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    Hi @Rastogi_143874,
    Apologies for the delay in getting back to you! For the reminders sent by Catalytic, the reminder emails have a change of subject that say "Reminder:" at the beginning of the subject.

    In my image below, the red highlighted email is a reminder sent to me after the deadline was met —

    Would this work for your case or would you need more detail added in the subject?

  • Hi @Kalin_126161
    Thank you for your response. Just a follow-up question, may be I was not succinct in asking the first time.
    I am changing both Subject and Body of the Reminder Email. So, will the change in Email Body content for the reminder would also be taken care of?