Move field from Form Field to Instance Field

Is it possible to turn a Form Field into an Instance Field?

I am able to change an Instance Field to a Form Field by clicking "+ Add a Field" in the Form Fields section, then "Select an Existing Field...". The Instance Fields show up in the drop-down, and when I select one it is moved from Instance Field to Form Field.

This does not seem to work when going in the other direction. I have a few Form Fields that I want to turn into Instance Fields. When I click "+ Add a Field" in the Instance Fields section, I don't see any of my Form Fields in the "Select an Existing Field..." drop down.

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  • Kalin_126161
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    Hi @Tom_944137,
    Thank you for your question! Currently it is not possible to move a Form Field to an Instance Field in this way. With that said, this is a function that could be added in later updates and would be a great idea to add in Ideas for other users to upvote. Let me know if you have any other questions here. Thank you!