Facing Issue when having default file on web-form

In Action: Email Send a Webform, I want to have a PDF(or any file) which will be displayed and downloaded by the user. This document is manual for the user.
The step that I tried is- Using Instruction field I have attached the file, but it is not displaying as expected, It is displaying without the display name(header text) for the field


  • Hi @William_140055 ,

    have you tried using a file field instead of an instruction field?

  • Hi @Veronika_128563
    With the file field, only upload is option is available, and if in default value, the file is being uploaded then it will remain the same throughout the whole process. But, consider if at the runtime(or process owner) updates the pdf file, then it has to be uploaded again. And if the workflow is being automated for the someone who has no prior knowledge of the Catalytic, then doing uploading file in the default field is not a feasible option.

  • Devon_161545
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    I have two thoughts. The first is why not just attach the file to the email that sends the webform link? The second is a way to embed the file into a url that is downloadable within the webform. This is a two step process that involves uploading the file into a field in Catalytic as a "file field", and then create a second instruction field that can reference the link to the hidden first field. The text of the instruction field might be something like: "Click [HERE]((https://yourenvironment.pushbot.com/other-stuff/6ae5a557-7e73-4244-9773-542e66cd2a87/download) for the information." Where the string is the file location in Catalytic which can be obtained once you have loaded the file into the first field, you can right click on the file and "copy link address". This method doesn't display the pdf, but it does allow for downloading a static file that the user cannot change. Hopefully this helps.