Nearest number / Find closest value of a given number in a list of numbers

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I am using the Tables: Find Similar Text action and I was wondering if there was a way to find the nearest value of an integer from a separate list instead? It seems like this should be somewhere. I just can't figure it out.

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    Yes, I was hoping to find the closest number value when looking at a base number against a list in a table. I used an excel formula for this instead of using an action. I simply put the value into an excel template and I let an excel formula in the template do the work. In a later step I grab the value out of the excel template.


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    Hi @Greg_703914 !

    Are you just trying to find the nearest value integer in a list? If so, I think a field formula would be your best bet. If you can provide a bit more detail about the format you are trying to find the value from, I can provide you with an example function you could call in the field formula.