File uploaded in "Triggers and Fields" got lost after running several days

Hello, dear team:
Today I met this problem that one pushbot workflow suddenly failed after running successfully several days.
The error comes from action "Create a word document".
Error message is "App wordDocument threw error: Cannot read property 'fileName' of undefined", which means the template word document is not found.
Then I checked in "Builder", not only the word template file I uploaded to a File field is lost, but also other 2 file fields lost the files.
I have to uploaded the 3 files again to the fields.
What is the root cause?


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  • Kalin_126161
    Kalin_126161 Posts: 74 admin

    Hi @Ye_939471,

    Thank you for your question! I will follow up with you via email so we can discuss this further and identify what may have caused the file to be removed.

    Thank you!