How to Calculate Webform Submission Percentage and pass the field value between Main Bot and Helper


Requirement - Percentage Calculation:
Calculate the response rate of webform submission. The response rate needs to be stated in percent (%). Basis for the calculation is the amount of emails sent out to the HR Digi program members.
100 eligible HR Digi Program members = 100 Emails sent out
85 successful and proper filled in webforms submitted by the HR Digi Program members
Response Rate = 85%

Question - Passing the value between Main bot and Helper Bot
Is it possible to increase the value of a field from a main bot out of a helper bot?

We would like to use a field in our main bot as a counter which should be increased by n number of helper bots whenever a web form is submitted.

If it is possible, how can we reference the field from the main bot in the helper bot instances?


  • Veronika_208293

    Hi @Rupali_139823 ,
    I know we worked through this already but wanted to leave a comment for other users if they have a similar question.
    Requirement - Percentage Calculation
    You can use Numbers: perform basic math and your formula would look something like this {{webforms-submitted}}/{{emails-sent}}*100

    Question - Passing the value between Main bot and Helper Bot
    As the subprocesses or helper bots might run simultaneously and this might cause issues with the counter, I suggested the approach to track the submission status in a table within the subprocess and use a Add a row or Update a row. Then in the starter process you can filter this table for submitted webforms and use the Tables: Count Rows in a Table action to get the number of submitted webforms.