Pass Multi-Select Field into Custom Action


I have an existing multi-select field in my workflow, that I would like to pass into a custom action. In setting up the custom action, I've created a multi-select instance field. When using the custom action in my main workflow thought I get this error message "The value entered for the field: "multi-select-field" did not match the type of the field. The correct field type for this field is a many"


  • Aly_142377
    Aly_142377 Posts: 18 admin

    Hi @Arthur_319926 !

    That error message to me suggests that perhaps one of the fields, either in the parent workflow or in the custom action is not actually configured as a Multiple Choice field. If you are seeing both configured as Multiple Choice in the UI and still receiving this error, could you please email me some example workflow IDs so that I can further look into it?