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In my workflow, I am using the "Tables: Look up Data in a Column" action to look up a file field in a table. This is returning the actual file but I need the download path for that file instead.
How can I do this?

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  • Adam_636382Adam_636382 Posts: 27
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    Found the answer to my own question: you can use Field Formulas to identify the document ID after the look up step:


  • Hi @Adam_636382, to build on your answer, I recently had a similar need where I wanted to embed an image file. I used three actions (although the first two could be combined)

    Field: Field Formulas
    result = fields["quickchart-api--response--body--file"]
    Return field name

    Field: Field Formulas
    result = "{{chart-id}}/download"
    Return field name

    Assign Task to a person

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