In a web-form, how to make fields read-only?

I've to make one of the fields in web-form as read-only. Is it possible with Catalytic? As of now, I don't see any read-only option in the fields, there is only default value which can be placed. Let me know, if it is possible to do that.



  • Kalin_126161Kalin_126161 Posts: 56 admin

    Hi Aman,

    Thank you for your question!

    Depending on where the web form takes place in your workflow, you could use an Instruction type field and reference the field that needs to be read-only there. In my image below, I have configured an Instructions type field and referenced the field {{read-only-field}}.

    The output is the field that I want the user to view and prevents them from making any edits. In your case you would not have the actual field visible as I do here. I only included this so you could see what I was referencing. Would this work for what you had in mind?

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