Bounced Back Emails


Hi Team,
I've a process where I'm sending email outside the organization. I want to address two edge cases:
1. If the person is Out of Office, and email is send, then server will reply back.
2. If the person has left the organization or invalid address with valid or invalid domain, then the sending server will generate a non-delivery notification back to the sending user.

I was tackling above two cases with the output fields- Email Bounced type and Bounced Email address of Send an email webform action. I was trying to maintain list of such emails in data table and periodically sending an email with the attached list to the process owner.

I tried implementing this, but it was not working as I was expecting. So can you provide with deeper insights of how to address aforementioned issues.




  • Brandon_189578


    Do you have a sample process you can message me directly that shows what you currently have?

    Alternatively, what do you have currently configured in terms of workflow steps and data tables, and where/why is it failing?