email address in email body auto-formatting as hyperlink - how to stop this


In one of my workflows, it is sending the user an email. Within the email body are some fields from the workflow. One of them contains an email address.
When you open this email, the email address is auto-converted into a hyperlink - the text is blue and underlined. It kind of makes the email address "jump out" and it distracts the eye and draws attention to it. I'd rather have it not do this, so as not to draw attention away from everything else in the email.
Is there a way to not have it turn the email address into a hyperlink? Or is this not on the Catalytic side, and rather, something that Outlook automatically does?



  • Kalin_996882
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    Hi @Kevin_579059 ,

    Thank you for your question!

    From what I can tell this like something that is automatically occurring when the email address is detected .

    With that said, one way I found to have the hyperlink removed is wrapping the field with the email in back quotes ( ` ). Unfortunately, this may not be the best workaround because doing this technically sets the text to code-text which has a slightly different font than the rest of the email: