Web form table fields on mobile?

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Currently, when viewing a web form table field on a mobile device I get the message "forbidden" instead of a rendered table - can this be prevented in some way?

Attempted on both Safari and Firefox on iPhone 11 running iOS 14

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  • Hi Alistair,

    There aren't any inherent limitations for webforms to display data table fields, but this could be caused by a permissions issue. Do you know if the table that is being targeted is protected by any access restrictions? You can check by following the instructions in this help article.

  • Hi Chris,

    Thanks for getting back to me - yes it does appear to be a permissions issue as I have now attempted using a new browser, Chrome, on a Windows 10 environment and that also displays the "Forbidden." message. I have checked the table and it doesn't have any permissions set on it.

    I have seen other posts mention similar: https://community.pushbot.com/discussion/comment/1117#Comment_1117

    Looks like it could be a defect with the permissions model and tables on webforms.

    If you are able to advise on how to resolve this, I would be most appreciative as we are looking to push this bot into production ASAP.

    Kind regards,


  • Frustratingly, encoding the url has not solved the problem. We are utilising a "vanity url" to mask the pushbot.com domain: the tool that manages the redirects (Drupal) strips out any encoding and replaces it with standard characters. So, we can either have a long url or no redirect. We've chosen the no redirect option for now, but it would be great if the redirect could be managed through the submit button itself, rather than the url.

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