Table to Text: Unexpected Output Characters - Custom Format in Row Template

Jozef_783863 Posts: 331 admin

As background, I would like to use Tables: Convert data table to text to create a json file based on a table.

Using a custom format in the row template setting for Tables: Convert data table to text, my output result is close to what I need, however, a close bracket character] in my row template setting outputs ]}}} and these extra curly braces are not expected.

Is there a method for escaping the ] character or method for ensuring the extra }}} curly braces do not add to the final result? Any insight into this input/output behavior is appreciated.


Inputs (action setup + table)



  • Jozef_783863
    Jozef_783863 Posts: 331 admin

    Although the reason for extra }}} is unclear, adding Text: Find and replace successfully removes the extra }}} characters.

  • Ryder_727733

    Right, this is what I was thinking too. Even when the reason for the extra characters gets figured out and fixed, this workaround should still function.

    Thanks for the response! :smile: