Mapping fields between workflows

I have two workflows, one that surveys clients and one that accepts applications. They were created at different times, by different people, using different field naming conventions. The application workflow is triggered by a webform. Based upon the outcome of the survey workflow, the application workflow needs to be initiated, ideally automatically. Is there an easy way or a preferred way to map fields from the survey workflow to the existing fields in the application workflow?

Example: a field called "Factory Contact" in the survey workflow, needs to be mapped to a field called "Auditee Contact" in the application workflow.

This community article exists, but didn't explain much and hasn't seemed to go anywhere



  • Grant_213559Grant_213559 Posts: 11 admin

    Hi Arthur,
    I attempted to recreate a simplified version of the use case you described. My implementation is attached to the bottom of this message. Feel free to import into your team! These are two different workflows- a survey workflow and a receiver workflow. If a user selects a particular option from the choice menu, the receiver workflow begins.
    In order to automatically start the receiver workflow based on a survey selection I linked the receiver workflow to the survey workflow via a “Workflow: Start Another Workflow” step.

    I also included a condition to only start the receiver workflow based on a particular choice from the webform menu.

    For the receiver workflow, I used a “Field: Set value of a text field” to take the result from the webform survey workflow and reassign it to a different field in the receiver workflow. In the survey form, this field is called “my-selection”. The receiver workflow then assigns this value to a field called “user-selection”. You should be able to reference the field from the starter workflow in the receiver workflow. This particular field can then be used in subsequent steps in the receiver workflow.

    Does the described workaround apply to your implementation?

  • Hi Grant,
    Using your example.... imagine you wrote the Simple Survey Form workflow last month and I wrote the View Survey Results if Blue workflow last year. Your workflow was built with a single choice field called "Choice" where a color is chosen from a list, which then becomes a field called "My Selection".
    I built my workflow to work independent of your workflow. My workflow requires a field called "User Selection" where a color is chosen from a list AND my workflow also has a field called "My Selection" which must be empty when my workflow begins.

    In the example above, you showed the mapping of "My Selection" over to "User Selection" as taking place during my workflow. But since I never anticipated needing to do any field mapping, I did not build this into my workflow.

    Is there a way for the field mapping do be done in the Simple Survey Form workflow, and for the "My selection" field in Simple Survey form to be reset to empty, so when handed off to my View Survey Results workflow it initiates and functions properly?



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