I cant cancel an instance started by email trigger.

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I have a workflow that initiates via an email trigger. In testing the workflow, I sent an email to the trigger that had too large of a body. My workflow shows that I have two active instances, but I cant see the details of those instances nor can I stop them. Despite showing two active instances on the workflow instance page, they do not appear on the workflow master data table.

How do I get these two "zombie" instances canceled?



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    @Arthur_319926 We currently do not show an active instance if started by email trigger that reached a field limit.

    Workflow System Limits > Instances

    Email Trigger > Output Fields for This Trigger

    We have a development issue open to address this scenario where we should create the instance but right away display a fix task stating a field limit error. In the event that the active instance count does not accurately reflect the number of active instances in the instance list, or master table, please contact us at help@catalytic.com and we will be happy to help while we dig further into the underlying issue. Thank you for sharing this question in Community and we apologize for any confusion with this behavior.