How to create reports of a Confidential data table?

I'm trying to use the data in the Master Data table to create a report that will be emailed to someone. The table and the process are set to Confidential permissions, so when the Master Data table is copied to the new table, all the variable fields are hidden:

When I convert the table to an Excel file to email out, the report fields are marked "CONFIDENTIAL".
How can I get around this?

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  • Anna_272419
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    Hello, just as a follow-up to this post:

    The table I was trying to run a report from contained data collected via Email: Send a webform action. The webform fields were set to Highly Confidential, and therefore were starred out in both the data table, and the subsequent reports generated.


  • Grant_213559
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    Hi Anna,

    For this particular inquiry, you may want to try using a Workflow: Update a Workflow field action on either the copied table or the output file. This help article further explains how the action works, but you're going to want to set the "Workflow" parameter to use the workflow that's copying the data table and the "Permission" parameter to "Public". Additionally, you're also going to want to ensure the table field is referenced appropriately. Again, I highly recommend consulting the aforementioned help article for additional action set-up instructions.

  • Hi Grant,
    Thank so much for your suggestion. I've finally been able to come back to this topic and I'm not sure I understand what you mean. The original workflow needs to be set to Confidential, because of the data we are processing. It will receive inputs via webform until the instance is complete. At the end of each month, I would like to have a scheduled Workflow create a report of all the instances with the related fiends available.

    I'm not seeing how the Workflow: Update a Workflow action would help. Thanks!