Task Delays in Test Mode

I just want to point out that Delays do not work in test mode. I learned this the hard way as it took me an hour or so to figure this out. This is not documented on the "Delay and action" help page as of 8/19/2020. For anyone who may be struggling with the delay not working I hope you see this post!



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    @Greg_703914, thank you for sharing this missing information. I have requested for article updates to make this information more prominent.

    In Test Workflows & Tasks, we display this detail as a bullet point in the Tips section (image below). This article will benefit from an update to make this its own section near the top of the page.

    Test Workflows & Tasks > Other tips for testing in Catalytic

    Delay an action's start time until a later date
    This detail is not currently in the article Delay an action's start time until a later date. I have requested to update this article as well so it includes this detail and makes it prominent.

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    @Greg_703914 Sorry for the confusion and frustration on that.

    Here's a good relevant idea for you to upvote:
    Test mode: option to honor timing

  • @Jozef_123315 thank you for suggesting updates to the help articles. In addition to the changes you mentioned I want to suggest that the word "delay" is used instead of "timing" in the existing help article. Since the terminology is different when building it into an action versus how it is described in the testing help article people may struggle to find it or identify it as what they were looking for.

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    Hey @Greg_703914, thank you for sharing this note as well. I will have this detail included in the help article update request submitted for this topic.