Add Hour/Minute Time Stamps in Workflow Instance Page

Meghan_550057 Posts: 107

It'd be really helpful to see time stamps for when a step initiated and when it completed. Today, we only see "completed 3 hours ago" in the UI. It'd be great to see hour/minute time stamps to help with troubleshooting dependencies/condition relationships and knowing the true order of events based on the timing.

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  • jlindsey
    jlindsey Posts: 1 admin

    @Meghan_550057 At this time, if you hover over the relative date you should be able to see the exact timestamp. In the future, we'll look to add this information in more relevant places such as the detail screen.

  • Jozef_783863
    Jozef_783863 Posts: 331 admin

    Hover over examples for the timestamp available. One image is for the instance start time. The other image is for a Completed action's completed time.