Send one email to all contacts in an Excel cell

Damon_112049Damon_112049 Posts: 1

Separate emails are currently sent when multiple contacts are listed in a cell in an Excel document. A designated email address is only CCd on one of these emails even though it should be CCd on all emails. Having one email sent to all contacts would theoretically solve this CC issue.

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  • Thomas_937381Thomas_937381 Posts: 196
    edited July 30

    @Damon_112049 This is currently how the Email: Send an email action works. There is another request here to have this work more like what you described – please do upvote!

    If you do want to send an email to multiple people from a single cell, it should be possible (albeit with a separate message to each recipient):

    1. Excel: Extract range to save the email addresses to a field
    2. Text: Find and replace to replace the space or line break between addresses in that text field with a comma
  • Adam_636382Adam_636382 Posts: 19

    Thomas the request you linked has been marked completed. Upvoting Damon's idea as this is the behavior we would prefer (including all contacts on one message, not creating separate messages)

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