Pattern: Use Specific Attachment in Email Trigger Attachments Table

When using an email trigger, you have a trigger-attachment field, which is the first file Catalytic finds in the email message. There is also a trigger-attachments data table, which contains a list of all files present in the email.

Many organizations use a rich text format for email messages, which allows corporate logos, social media icons, and other image files to be embedded in one's signature. It's possible that one of these images could come back as the trigger-attachment, necessitating the use of the trigger-attachments table to locate the file you wish to reference or transform in subsequent steps in your automation.

The attached pattern allows you to designate the Extension of the file you're looking for (docx, pdf, xlsx, txt, pptx, csv). It will then use Tables: Look up data in a column to return the file ID as a referenceable field (which we reformat in the first step, see this thread) .

Using this pattern will require that you also create an email trigger after import.