Pattern: Customize Web Form Reminder Emails

The Email: Send a web form action allows one to gather structured data from a person without a Catalytic account, i.e. an individual outside your organization. You may want to send a specific number of email reminders to an individual to complete a form, each after a certain amount of time has lapsed.

The attached pattern does several things:

  1. Save the web form URL from your Email: Send a web form action to a text field
  2. Creates an iterative counter, with a maximum number of loops (i.e. reminder emails), to be defined by you when starting the workflow
  3. Continues to send reminders until the form is submitted, or until the max number of reminders is sent

Note that in test starts of a workflow, delays are not respected. The delay on several steps will need to be updated – all of them contain (delayed) in the step name. The default delay for these steps is 1 minute to illustrate how the pattern works.