Report on Catalytic Workflow Time Savings, Per Workflow (Scheduled)

The attached workflow will require a scheduled trigger so that it runs daily in the morning. It will:

  • Filter your team's workflows list for current workflows (non-archived)
  • Count the number of instances started yesterday for each current workflow
  • Use a reference table to multiply the count of instances of each workflow by average time savings for that workflow (in minutes)
  • Calculate a total time savings across your Catalytic team for yesterday
  • Send an email with a list of all workflows started yesterday, sorted with those workflows with the greatest time savings at the top (and a .csv summary file attached)

Two things need to be done to use this workflow, once you import:
1. The Filter Application Table: Process Templates for active rows step needs to point to your team's Application Table: Process Templates table.
2. A table will be imported called Workflow IDs and Time Savings. Go to your Data section, and search for this imported table. For all of your workflows, you'll need to enter the workflow ID, and that workflow's average time savings, in minutes.

I should note that instead of a reference table to maintain time savings, you could also program this to use a workflow-level, decimal-type field to store average time savings for that workflow. Slight modification would be required, and all of your builders would need to use the same field name for this to work.