July 2020 Release - Mega Builder Update, Part 1

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In our July 14 release, we will bring to you major improvements to the Workflow Builder experience. These updates will:

  • Make it much easier to learn Catalytic for new builders by simplifying navigation and making key concepts simpler to grasp.
  • Speed up building for experienced builders by reducing the amount of clicks and typing needed.

The release will be deployed during the day on July 14, and we expect no downtime.

The July release is Part 1 of our Mega Builder Updates with the subsequent updates coming in September.

Workflow Templates

When creating a workflow, you'll have the option to select from a variety of templates, in addition to the current options of creating from scratch or importing a .catalytic file.

The templates will include:

  • Common patterns that are prevalent across departments (such as Send Personalized Reports)
  • Department-specific processes (such as Supplier Onboarding)
  • Utilities (such as Currency Converter)

Faster, Simpler Navigation

We're updating the navigation to better conform to how builders build and test workflows.

The new Builder page combines the actions list with Triggers and Fields to give you a single destination to get your workflows assembled.

The Settings page is still accessible through the 3-dot menu to the right of the Test button, but you'll no longer need to visit it every time you're navigating from view your instances to editing the workflow.

We're improving the experience when testing your builds by enabling you to run your test in an overlay without leaving the Workflow Builder screen, and adding 1-click access from the Workflows / Instances / Tasks back to the Workflow Builder.

Fields Panel

To the right of your list of actions, you'll see a new Fields panel to provide a clear, persistent list of fields that are available. You can click a field to automatically copy it to your clipboard, and then paste it into an action.

Workflow Permissions

When creating a new workflow, builders will see the default permissions and have the option to update them. This will reduce the chances that a builder creates a workflow without considering permissions.

Task Updates

When completing tasks, the task overlay will now close immediately after users mark complete to better align to user expectations and be more consistent with our other overlays.

Controls for Reassign and Snooze have been moved under the task name, and other commands are under the 3-dot menu.

Action and Trigger Updates

  • SharePoint: Upload a file: new version handles invalid name characters
  • SFTP Trigger: File size output field to use system file size
  • Text: Remove blank spaces: Added All option for line break formatting
  • Date actions: Removed unused form fields