How to create a snapshot/image from PDF

I would need to take a snapshot from PDF or convert PDF to image, is it possible in Catalytic?



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    Hello @SHI_172837,

    If by "take a snapshot from PDF" you mean split PDF document, please upvote the first feature idea linked below.

    PDF: Split PDF document

    For general "is it possible" questions, I recommend checking the Action list linked below for currently available actions. Since a "convert PDF to image" action is not available today, can you share more information on why you need this functionality? With that information, I recommend submitting a new feature idea here:

    Action list (currently available actions):

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    Hello @Jozef_783863, I have up voted in
    for PDF to image. My use case is to mark an e-invoice PDF with description, I did not find the right action.
    target state: [REDACTED]
    original invoice: [REDACTED]

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    PDF: Convert PDF to image is the correct feature idea, thank you for searching and upvoting!

    In case your sample images were sensitive, I removed the two sample images you uploaded.

    Between the two images you shared, I see the difference is that you added description fields to the top. These included Travel Application, Expense Date, Expense Category, and Amount.

    For your use case, are you seeking to add this information to the top of the image? I would like to help consider extra steps you may need once the PDF converts to image.

    Thank you,

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    @SHI_172837, you can also try an alternative approach, like including the description fields (Travel Application, Expense Date, etc.) into the file name.

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    Hello @Jozef_783863 , I am back with your hint to login via user menu. thanks a lot! :)
    I would like to convert an e-invoice to a picture, so that I can put it into a docx file with all descriptions I need.
    for the workaround, I am already doing that, but finally I need to combine all e-invoices into one PDF, then the info in the file names will get lost.

  • Hello @SHI_172837: Thank you for posting this!

    Hello @Jozef_783863: I also went and upvoted the PDF: Convert PDF to image idea. My use case is this: I'm doing an OCR scan of a PDF document. There seems to be an issue where the OCR isn't picking up all of the text on the document, but if I convert it to a JPG or JPEG and back to a PDF, then the OCR picks up all of the text. I'm not sure if there's an enhancement coming to the OCR action, but a PDF: Convert PDF to image action would solve my problem in the interim. I know, I know - why not just have the file uploaded as JPEG to begin with? For my case, it's not always possible, PDFs are much more widely used for this industry (sometimes converted from the original CAD software), and enabling JPEG uploads would more than likely make people think that they can take a photo of a document and upload it, which would lead to image quality issues and potential errors for what we're trying to do (which is scan a document with text and graphics, read the text, match it to a keyword list, and provide an assessment of it).