Schedule Webform Choice Updater

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Keep webform 'choice' fields automatically updated. Utilizing a scheduled trigger, the process will update the choice options, based on a table of provided data.

How to install:
1. Import the attached template into your Catalytic team.
2. Download the "readme" guide. Located in the Workflow Setting page > Fields section > "readme" field
3. Follow the instructions in the "readme" file for any process specific customization

4. OPTIONAL: If you would prefer the process to run a scheduled trigger (instead of manually triggered), be sure to install a scheduled trigger as well.


  • Thank you, this looks awesome! (FYI, I imported it, but for some reason at first glance there were no Fields and hence no "readme" file. But when I clicked go back and then looked at the Workflow again, the Fields appeared - must be something when importing a workflow.)
    This could probably be adapted to start with any type of trigger, not just a timed one, given that it's the API call that does the updating, you could have that trigger literally anywhere!
    thanks again,