Limit people displayed in dropdown to reassign task


• Is it possible to somehow limit the list of people visible in the drop down for "Assign task"? People have accidentally reassigned to the wrong person and that caused a lot of confusion.
• Is there any way to retrace who has reassigned a task to who?



  • Jeff_146001
    Jeff_146001 Posts: 296 admin

    @Veronika_128563 There is not currently a means to limit the users that appear in the Assign Task drop-down. You can upvote an idea for that here: Task Reassign Button Options

    If a workflow commonly needs tasks to be reassigned, you could integrate that as a field in the workflow, and present a short list of users to reassign a task to.

    While we do have logging on activities like task reassignments, those logs are not exposed to end users, and tracking that down for a single task would take a lot of effort.