Error after submitting webform - sometimes


I have a webform trigger where the first Single Choice field has the choices (for simplicity) "A" and "B". Following this are other fields which the user needs to answer, and these fields conditionally appear based on the initial response to A or B. The webform submits properly and the workflow completes properly when the user selects A. But when the user selects B, and fills out all required fields, and clicks Submit, the following error page loads and the workflow does not start:

I have mapped out on paper all the Fields on the webform trigger, but can't find anything. I would think as long as the webform is filled out with all the proper fields, that it would submit, regardless if the workflow it triggers was built properly or not. Please help!




  • Jeff_146001
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    @Kevin_579059 I'm sorry that you're experiencing this issue. Can you share with us a link to the workflow or the name of it? I've not seen this before, so I think we'll need to dig into the details to determine the cause.

  • Kevin_579059
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    Thanks, Jeff. The name starts with "Fire Resistance."
    After trying it many times, I think the issue is with the Multiple Choice field named "Description."
    There are three choices. The response is optional. The field appears based on one condition.
    If I leave this field empty on the webform, it works. But if I choose one option, I get the error pasted above.

  • Kalin_996882
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    Hi @Kevin_579059,
    I have been reviewing your workflow and came to a similar finding. I will reach out over email so we can discuss your specific setup in more detail together.

  • Christina_108366

    Hello all,
    I have the same issue for one of my workflows. What is the solution for this problem?
    It looks like this only happens when I use FireFox as a browser.
    Thank you for your help.

  • Rui_137057

    Hello @Christina_212086 and @Kevin_579059 ,

    I had the same problem too. In my case, I just clean my cache and after this, I never see the problem again. If the problem returns, I will clean again.

    Best regards