Summer 2020: Easier to build

Jeff_146001 Posts: 296 admin
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We'll be dedicating a significant portion of our Summer 2020 releases to reduce the learning curve for new builders, and to simplify the experience and accelerate development for all builders.

Here are some of the areas where we'll be focusing:

  • Template gallery
  • Easier field references
  • Easier table column references
  • Simplified dependencies
  • Simplified conditions
  • Improved build >> test flow
  • Help content when configuring actions
  • Rich text editor
  • Pre-populated action output fields
  • Form builder

We'll share design mockups and more details about each of these in the Roadmap channel in Community. For now, though, please let us know your thoughts on this list! What are your favorite items? Are we missing anything that would make it much easier for you to build?