Using The Global Field 'Task Status'

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I am getting inconsistent results when trying to use the global field (love global fields!) for a task status:

I know I need to use Field Formulas and go

result = tasks["task-name"].status
per the help documentation at

In the first example (graphic), it shows
result = tasks["assign-task"].status

In the second example, it has a quotation mark at the end:
result = tasks["task-name"].completedBy"

I have only got this to work once (I don't use the quotation mark). When I try to copy the same format in a different bot, I get an error:

Error executing code for field "status": There was no result found in your code. Use result = fields.fields1

I have tried building a short and simple workflow to test this. The first step getting the date and time, then the next step just getting the status of the previous step:

The above throws the error I mentioned... Please help!



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  • Kevin_579059

    Thanks, Dylan!
    This worked! I changed the task name to get rid of the space and have a one word task, because sometimes programs don't like spaces LOL.
    I tried the JSON task trick - it produced two pages of stuff for just a 4 step process! Good to know for future de-bugging.

  • Dylan_191182
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    @Kevin_579059 great, glad it worked for you!

    And yes, the JSON task trick produces a LOT of text.