May 2020: Workflow Insights dashboard

Jeff_146001 Posts: 296 admin

In May 2020, we'll be releasing a new Workflow Insights dashboard to provide operational intelligence for each of the business processes you have running in Catalytic. The sections of the Workflow Insights dashboard include:

  • Key Metrics: Understand the overall usage of the workflow with stats on average duration, number completed and cancelled, as well as any Fix Tasks generated.
  • Cycle Time Trend: Understand average duration over the last 50 instances and drill-down into outliers to identify ways to make the workflow faster or more reliable.
  • Potential Bottlenecks: Identify the tasks or actions that take longest to complete and drill-down into the steps to update who they're assigned to, add a deadline, or change how they operate.
  • Action Completion Speed: Spot outliers for slow action run times in specific instances and drill-down to see the details.
  • Action Summary: Further details at the action level to understand opportunities to accelerate cycle time.

Learn more in the Help Center.



  • Hi Jeff,

    is there a way to see more than the last 50 instances?

    Thanks in advance.