DocuSign Multiple Templates for a Single Envelope

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With our current DocuSign integration - do we allow for multiple templates to be included on a single envelop with the action DocuSign: Send an Envelope from a Template? From our Help article, it seems like it's 1-1 for template to envelope.

In the DocuSign UI, you can add multiple templates to a single envelope (concept of Templates covered here). From the API documentation (excerpt below), it looks like this would be Composite Templates but wasn't sure if our existing integration actions allow for this.

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    From looking at the DocuSign API documentation, it looks like adding multiple templates to an envelope is supported, but our current version of the action only supports adding 1. I think this would be a good enhancement for a new version of the action, especially if we are starting to see customer needs for it. If you submit it as a feature request and Product adds it to the roadmap, we can see where an update like this can be fit into to queue. I don't have an ETA for when I'd expect this, but once scoped we should have a better idea.