Numerous Conditions - Small Bug - Previous Condition Copied when hitting +

I have a field where I expect to have at least a dozen (> 12) conditions. There is one small bug that continuously occurs.
When I have multiple conditions going and I add another with the plus (+) sign, it copies the previous condition above it. I then have to delete that condition (with the minus sign) and start over. Not too annoying, but a bug nonetheless.
A way around this is to click Update and exit out of the conditions popup, then go back into Conditions.
Of course, it is rare to have a field with so many conditions, but this is the third time I am experiencing this with my pushbots.



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    @Kevin_579059, I did not encounter this issue with 12 conditions. I will follow-up over email for more details so we review the issue you described.

    For many conditions in an action, you can use a separate action to help set the condition into one field. You can then reference this one field condition across your actions or form fields later.

    You can use Field: Set Value of a Text Field to house your conditions and output 1 field. You can use Field: Field Formulas as well, but the conditions would be in the Javascript code.

    Field: Set Value of a Text Field

    Field: Field Formulas