"Create a user" vs. "Invite a user"

I have been exploring options on how to create users.
When using "Invite a user" I can not configure the email body and the username, right?
Especially the username is a big concern.

So I´ve been lookint into "Create a user" and would love to have some insight on this statement

The action configuration can only be performed by admins and only admins will be able to start an instance of a Pushbot that contains this action.

Does this mean it can not be included in a Pushbot with a Webform Trigger? Does the process containing this Pushbot then always have to be started manually by "Start an instance" by an admin?


  • Jozef_783863
    Jozef_783863 Posts: 331 admin

    Invite a Member has a "Personal Invite Message" that appears in the email body. Based on this page (image below), you do not define the username.

    With Pushbot: Create a User, only admins will be able to start an instance of a process that contains this action. I would recommend testing a webform trigger to see how Pushbot: Create a User works given this permission restriction.